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    Ultralan Ointment®

Oil rich Ointment for chapped skin and breast care containing Ultra Pure Medical Grade Lanolin (Medilan® Ultra) for the fast relief of skin rash, dry and cracked skin.

  • Ultralan® Ointment can be used for the relief and prevention of chapped, cracked and split skin and painful nipples.
  • Provides protective film due to its oil rich formulation.
  • Medilan® Ultra, the main ingredient in Ultralan® Ointment posses a number of physical and chemical similarities to the human stratum corneum lipids which are associated with Medilans' effectiveness, safety, high moisturizing effect and emollient properties.
  • Provides SBR (Skin Barrier Repair) and high moisturization.
  • Non-medicated; safe.
  • Acts as a moisture reservoir maintaining the hydration of the skin for more than 8 hours after application.
  • Creates a semi permeable film which is important in restoration of barrier functions and in wound healing.
  • Has no allergic or irritant reactions even in patients with severely compromised skin or in patients who are known to have hypersensitivity to lanolin.
  • Accelerates the formation of new tissue and enhances scar solidity.

- For Damaged skin: apply Ultralan® Ointment twice or more daily.
- For Nursing mothers: apply Ultralan® Ointment to the nipples after each
- Ultralan® ointment is used also post laser therapy.



- Ultra Pure Medical Grade Lanolin (Medilan® Ultra) and Dexpanthenol

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